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Lisbon, Portugal
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Inspired by its location in Praça das Flores and the 1999 film “Magnolia”, the restaurant’s namesake, the project emerged from a creative partnership between director Yves Callewaert and chef Camila Martins. The small-scale interior space, which was at one time a bakery, required the team to look for ways to maximize the area with a strategic floorplan. The space was painted with a lime wash and outfitted with a combination of bespoke furniture designed by Quiet Studios, including stools, the marble and wooden bar, and tables, and selected antique and vintage finds. Open shelves from the 1950s were restored and converted to a product display system and practical storage area for the bar. The scope of work also included newly designed, large-scale windows, and studio-designed door hardware. Other highlights include the original 1930 ceiling murals, tile floors, and brass flower-form “Normandy” pendant lamps from Barracuda Edition.

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Photography: Mathias Van Duuren