DANIELA FRANCESCHINI – CEO & Interior designer

Founded in 2016 by Daniela Franceschini, Quiet Studios is a full-service interior design firm based in Lisbon. The studio focuses on atemporal design for residential and commercial spaces, with a complementary portfolio of hospitality and product design projects. Their work weaves together timeless architecture with modern accents and craftsmanship.



The studio uses storytelling through forms, textures, and materials to translate the client’s desires into fully integrated physical spaces.

By creating harmony between architecture, landscape, and interior design, Quiet Studios aims to achieve stimulating and functional environments through an elevated and timeless lens.

Showcasing artisan-made, and studio-created works alongside carefully selected, one-of-a-kind pieces of art and design, each space is a thoughtful and curated expression of place.


We work with property developers to craft captivating narratives and visual identities for a wide range of commercial and residential projects. We supply high-quality renders and client-facing marketing materials based on proprietary marketing analysis.

We consult on private and residential projects from start to finish, providing full-service design solutions as well as ad hoc advice and support.


Our practice reflects and references art, history, and culture, blending natural materials and textures, found objects, and collected design to create curated and layered spaces. Artisan-made objects add soul and character to a space, making it functional, human, and liveable.

Focus on materiality, heritage techniques, and craftsmanship fused with modernism define our visual approach and inform our bespoke furniture and product design.


The studio partners with commercial clients from the initial creative strategy and concept to art direction, design, construction, sourcing, and final execution of a project. Adopting a tactical approach to project management and development, we specialize in creating memorable brand experiences and bold identities. 

Our core competency is working with hospitality groups to optimize the functionality of private and public spaces, develop signature food and beverage destinations, and streamline business operations while reinforcing the concept and visual language of the project.