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Furniture Focus is Quiet Studios’ chance to put the spotlight on some of their favourite pieces of modern and vintage furniture design. As interior designers we’re specialists in sourcing unique objects and creating bespoke pieces for our clients.


Jorgen Hovelskov, Harp Chair : Furniture Focus


Jorgen Hovelskov’s harp chair is a unique piece of modern Danish design.

The Viking Chair

Inspired by the arching curves of the bow and stern of a Viking boat, the chair was originally named the Viking Chair when exhibited for the first time in 1963. The woven rope’s resemblance to the strings of a harp, meant it was later named by a journalist as the Harp Chair.

Danish Modern Design

Hovelskov’s architectural expertise is evident in the design of this chair and the beauty of the piece is in its construction. The minimalistic approach to it’s fabrication gives it an element of functional beauty pertinent to the Danish modern style.

The woven rope seat adapts to the sitter’s shape, making for comfort, and the swooping curve of the central piece from the low front to a high arching backrest cradles the body, mimicking the carved front of a Viking war-ship.

Jorgen Hovelskov Harp Chair

As Thom Filicia says in a 2014 New York Times article on the beauty of rope furniture, ‘[it’s] just so interesting to look at. [...] It resembles a sailboat, but it could also be a bridge.’ Its lines are simple and elegant. The harp design is an understated conversation starter.

Fabrication of the Harp Chair

Many modern reproductions of the antique harp chair stay true to the original design. The solid wood frame is constructed of two curved wooden pieces, fixed perpendicular to one another. Rope is woven between legs and back of the piece in concentric diamonds, creating the seat and backrest.

Materials are natural and simple. There is a classicism provided to the piece by it’s material conservatism and no-frills aesthetic.

Sourcing antique wooden furniture

Whether you need help finding or identifying antique wooden chairs, or even sourcing a vintage harp chair for your own project, Quiet Studios’ antique sourcing service can support you to find even the most specific antique pieces.

Alongside our other interior design services, our creative team are experts in finding original antiques and collectibles and have a wide network across Europe to find originals or commission bespoke vintage reproductions created to the highest standard.

Words: Graeme du Plessis

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