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Furniture Focus is Quiet Studios’ chance to put the spotlight on some of their favourite pieces of modern and vintage furniture design. As interior designers we’re specialists in sourcing unique objects and creating bespoke pieces for our clients.


Takehito Ichikawa, Wood Vases : Furniture Focus


One of our favourite materials to work with is wood. It is warm, comforting and has an inescapably natural feel, and the best thing for us - its versatility means that not only can we use it in any space, we can rely on it as the principal material in our design.

Takehito Ichikawa Vases

Takehito Ichikawa Vases

The teak vases that we used in our project in London, ‘Over Restaurant, take the versatility of the material to a whole new level. The vases’ designer, Takehito Ichikawa, uses wood as if it were a malleable, semi-liquid material, shaping hardwood into delicate, curving shapes. He describes his youth in Japan, as an inquisitive child seeking experience in the world and how he is now able to inject that energy into his work. And this is what is so fascinating about his wooden vases - they are all so unique, individual, you can see and feel the creator’s hand in each piece. The work is as much about the love and craft that Ichikawa puts into it , as it is the aesthetic of the final piece.

The vases were the perfect decoration for ‘Over Restaurant in London’s Borough Market. Here our goal was to create a chic and welcoming space that featured a range of high-quality natural materials and presented bespoke and vintage pieces alongside each other. The dark teak wood of these dry flower vases adds a beautiful contrast to the fresh white marble. The vases, which appear to be wood-turned, have an undulating silhouette - the curves adding a sense of modern antiquity, ensuring the vase complements the largely vintage and antique decorative elements in the rest of the project.

Words: Graeme du Plessis

Our creative designer, Daniela has a flair for finding the most intriguing design pieces - be it vintage, bespoke or modern. So whether you’re trying to find something specific, or just need advice, don’t hesitate to contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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