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Furniture Focus is Quiet Studios’ chance to put the spotlight on some of their favourite pieces of modern and vintage furniture design. As interior designers we’re specialists in sourcing unique objects and creating bespoke pieces for our clients.


Bespoke Washbasin : Furniture Focus

Bespoke waskbasin in Oak Residence by Quiet Studios

Bespoke waskbasin in Oak Residence by Quiet Studios

words by Graeme du Plessis

When we were in the planning phase of The Oak Residence project, in Madrid, we went through a process of observing the client’s day-to-day routine in order to better understand their needs. Our goal is to create functional and aesthetic spaces that are tailored to the user, so conducting a preparatory study is a vital part of the design process and can be extremely important when it comes to creating bespoke furniture pieces. This custom-made wash-basin was created as a result of this process.

The piece is crafted out of Zaragoza stone, from a river in North Spain, selected for the basin and carved into a hollow bowl-shape. The heavy stone sits on a solid oak dressing table, a space in the bedroom for daily preparations. Above the stone basin, sit two gold-toned taps, protruding from the wall, and above hangs a small mirror. It is functional and unique, and it fits perfectly into the interior.

The farmhouse-style aesthetic of the wooden surfaces and natural textures in the whole apartment is captured in the rough outer surface of the washbasin. However, matched with the metallic taps it still sits perfectly with the modern design pieces furnishing other areas of the apartment.

Creating bespoke design pieces is one of the most rewarding elements of working on a project: it allows you to put your own stamp on a space. It extrudes the design process from being simply aesthetic, to experiential - what is created is not just a look, but a framework in which you can live, an expression of identity.

We’re always open to new challenges and opportunities, so if you’re planning a project - get in contact for a consultation and let’s see what custom-made pieces we could bring to your property!

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