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Furniture Focus is Quiet Studios’ chance to put the spotlight on some of their favourite pieces of modern and vintage furniture design. As interior designers we’re specialists in sourcing unique objects and creating bespoke pieces for our clients.


Charlotte Perriand, Berger Stool : Furniture Focus


words by Graeme du Plessis

Charlotte Perriand was a mid-20th Century French architect and designer, known for her philosophy that ‘better design helps in creating a better society’ In her article "L’Art de Vivre", written in 1981, she states "The extension of the art of dwelling is the art of living—living in harmony with man’s deepest drives and with his adopted or fabricated environment," putting human experience at the centre of our design.

The berger stool was designed by Perriand in 1955, taking inspiration from the milking stools of alpine shepherds. The chair is simple in design, three wood-turned legs giving the piece minimal, clean lines and the slightly shaped seat makes for comfort. The berger stool’s larger sibling, the Meribel, has longer and more angular legs, bearing less resemblance to the original milking stools the designs were inspired by, but still retaining its functional beauty.

Both the Tabouret Meribel and Berger stools were designed by Charlotte Perriand for her own country escape in an alpine chalet in Meribel (hence the name), and have since become pillars of the traditional, rational aesthetic that she has become known for. The timelessness of their mid-century style is undeniable and they are charming as a standalone seat or as a group of stools, their size making them unobtrusive and easy to arrange in any space.

The La Cassina natural oak reproduction of the Tabouret Berger stool is true to the original and crafted from high-quality hardwood lends a distinctive farmhouse touch to any space. It’s featured here in our Oak Residence project in Madrid, where bare oak is used as the primary material in the space. The sleek design of all furnishings and fittings in combination with these natural textures strikes a unique balance between mediterranean cottage style and modern urban design, creating a chic and peaceful inner city home.

Berger Stool - Oak Residence by Quiet Studios

Berger Stool - Oak Residence by Quiet Studios


There is such pleasure to be found in sourcing vintage furniture pieces, but sometimes, as hard as you may look, investing in the original may not be an option. If you’re looking for something in particular, get in touch for some advice or assistance in sourcing the original antique, and with our expert knowledge we can guide you to the right place to find the vintage furniture or a true-to-form reproduction. Why not send us a quick email?

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