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7 Secrets For Creating The Perfect Commercial Space

'Over Restaurant, London by Quiet Studios.

'Over Restaurant, London by Quiet Studios.

The key to designing a functional commercial space is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the brand.
— Kim Duncan

Do you have an amazing product and service to sell, but you need a space to make it happen? A well design space can make you break the business.

These are Quiet Studios 7 advises:

Think about Aesthetics, Think about Money, Think about Time, And you are thinking in a timeless commercial space!


1.      It’s about feeling good as much as looking good.

 Spaces should appeal to people through all five senses, here is where you see the difference between appearance and presence. You just have a chance for a first impression.

2. Make sure everyday necessities are easily accessible.

Prioritize functionality and safety without sacrificing style or aesthetics.

Prioritize human needs within a space. 

For example, in order to provide an efficient and clean service experience, make sure the staff is comfortable, they fit in the atmosphere and they have well thought working stations. Create a working system within the space shape, this is a priority.


3. Please, think in Quality over Quantity.

It’s a truism: Cheap becomes expensive.

Why would you fill a space with mediocre stuff when you can have few real treasures?

Don't waste money in cheap solutions because they often come with an expensive resolution.

4. Calculate at least a 5% overhead cost on top of your final budget.

Even do a 15% overhead cost. It will be a relieved when all the unexpected problems or extras come, because they will come! And if they don’t, you will feel awesome with all the money you saved.

5. Don't forget about the Clawback.

 Construction can be a beautiful process, but it can be a tricky and dark experience too. Things can easily get complicated and disappointment happens if trust its abused. Therefore make sure you have a clawback clause in the contract, and that you have a guarantee that the work result will meet your expectations.


6.  Do you know what it’s the planning fallacy?

Everybody underestimates the time they need to complete a project, this has been proved by scientific studies. According to Dan Kahneman, Nobel price winning economist: “Completion times are more optimistic than the actual time needed to complete the tasks.”

Read More in his book; ”Delusions of Success: How Optimism Undermines Executives' Decisions,” 

7. Avoid the trend trap.

When you are deciding how your business will look, be sure you are thinking long term and that you are looking beyond current trends, you want a timeless design.This would mean that in 5 or 10 years time, you won’t have to make costly renovations in order to adapt to the times. Fashions date quickly, they come and go.

But the best way to ensure the project truly reflects your brand and the needs of your guests and clients, is to consult a professional. Here at Quiet Studios we have experience and expertise in creating unique commercial spaces tailored to the client. For a personalized consultation free of charge, contact us now.

Lua Gasset